Precautions & contraindications

* * Precautions of Massage * *

Under the Washington State Health Professional Ethnics and Safety code, if you currently fall under one of the following categories, we are unable to provide you with a massage or spa service at this time:

  • People with infectious skin disease, rash, or open wounds

  • Immediately after surgery (at least one week needs to go by and a doctor approval will be needed)

  • Immediately after chemotherapy or radiation therapy, unless recommended by your doctor (a referral will be needed)

  • People who are prone to blood clots.  There is a risk of blood clots being dislodged into your system.  If you have a heart disease, check with your doctor before having a massage.

  • Pregnant women should check with their doctor first if they are considering getting a massage.
  • Anyone who is sick, have a cold, or are even on the "tail end" of it. There is a risk of restimulating the virus, thus making you even sicker than before. Same rule applies for intoxication. Even being "buzzed" or drunk, a massage can physically make you ill.
  • Massage will NOT be done directly over bruises, inflamed skin, unhealed wounds, tumors, abdominal hernia, or areas of recent fractures.

* These precautions are not to discriminate or turn people away from massage but to keep both the practitioner and client safe from harm.


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