Be Prompt or Early!

Please ensure prompt arrival. Arriving to your session late may cause your session to be shorter in duration.clock2 Please try to call me if you know you will be running late. If you need to complete the Health Intake form at the time of the session, be sure to arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your scheduled session time so that we enough time will allow for your session. Metered parking is available on Jefferson St, and on Legion Ave.

Music to Relax

music-smallI offer a wide array of music covering a variety of genres, as well as relaxation collections.
If you have a particular request, feel free to ask me. I have a CD player for you to bring in your own music, but I assure you, I have music that you will enjoy.

Pre-and Post-Interviews

In each session, I will conduct an interview before and afterwards. Your first visit will be more thorough, as I will need to gather as much information as possible to determine how to piece together the elements of your session, as well as other sessions in the future according to your needs/preferences.

During the pre-interview I will ask you a series of questions pertaining to your current conditions & focus. If there are postural/muscular conditions to be addressed, I will have you perform some simple range-of-motions in order to assess where the restrictions and/or pain thresholds fall, if any.

After the session, you will communicate with me any changes, improvements, and any other comments that would be valuable. If range-of-motions were performed prior to the session, I would have you perform those same movements again in order to determine any improvement.

Required Forms:

The following forms must be completed and submitted to me by the time of your session.  You can either mail or email the completed forms to ahead of time prior to your session. If you choose to bring them with you at the time of the session, be sure that all forms are completed, signed, and dated. If the client is under the age of 16, or unable to complete the forms, a legal guardian or caregiver must complete and sign all forms for the client. It is very crucial that all information on these forms are disclosed with the utmost honesty and diligence. In order for me to determine the proper treatment routine, as well as being aware of any contraindications or concerns, the accuracy of this information is pertinent. Any missing information, even what may seem as minor, can play a big role in your overall health, as well as treatments. If any information is not indicated on this form, I cannot be held accountable for any adversities affected by treatment.


Health Intake form

Required for all clients, contains all vital information on health history and any injuries, illness, or surgeries the client currently has or has had in the past. All medications and supplements the client currently takes and for what conditions must also be listed. This form is to be re-completed annually, unless any changes have occurred with the client’s information or health.

Session Health Report

This is required by the client for each individual session in order to determine the main focus for the session. The client will need to specify what condition(s) they are currently experiencing and what they wish to get out of the current session.


consent to treat.pdf

intake form.pdf


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