Be Prompt or Early!

Please ensure prompt arrival. Arriving to your session late may cause your session to be shorter in duration.clock2 Please try to call me if you know you will be running late. If you need to complete the Health Intake form at the time of the session, be sure to arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your scheduled session time so that we enough time will allow for your session. Metered parking is available on Jefferson St, and on Legion Ave.

Music to Relax

music-smallI offer a wide array of music covering a variety of genres, as well as relaxation collections.
If you have a particular request, feel free to ask me. I have a CD player for you to bring in your own music, but I assure you, I have music that you will enjoy.
What kind of massage do you give?

The massage therapy we provide is for your stress/pain relief, relaxation and enjoyment. A Swedish massage is usually requested for relaxation, enjoyment or stress relief. Deep-tissue work, a very strong style of massage, is recommended for overly tight, hard muscles. Sport massage is recommended before or after a sporting event. Neuromuscular work is for a specific problem areas that need to be addressed. Many massage therapists use an eclectic approach, integrating all of these techniques and customizing the massage to each client's individual needs.

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