Be Prompt or Early!

Please ensure prompt arrival. Arriving to your session late may cause your session to be shorter in duration.clock2 Please try to call me if you know you will be running late. If you need to complete the Health Intake form at the time of the session, be sure to arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your scheduled session time so that we enough time will allow for your session. Metered parking is available on Jefferson St, and on Legion Ave.

Music to Relax

music-smallI offer a wide array of music covering a variety of genres, as well as relaxation collections.
If you have a particular request, feel free to ask me. I have a CD player for you to bring in your own music, but I assure you, I have music that you will enjoy.
Benefits of Massage Therapy
The benefits that massage therapy has to offer numerous! From the physical body, to the mind, massage therapy has scientifically proven to benefit the human body in a tremendous way. Below are just a handful of the wonderful physical & mental advantages that everyone can experience through massage therapy.

Physical Benefits

* Increases relaxation and decreases stress

* Relieves muscles tension and stiffness

* Helps with reduction of muscle spasms

* Reduces blood pressure

* Improves posture, balance & gait

* Decreases and relieves tension related headaches

* Enhances immune system

* Reduces discomfort during pregnancy

* Increases nourishing blood supply to tissues

* Aids in recovery from pulled muscles or sprained ligaments

* Enhances athletic performance

* Relieves certain work related repetitive motion injuries

* Improves range of motion & joint flexibility

Mental Benefits

* Creates a relaxed state of mental alertness

* Increases awareness of mind/body connection

* Reduces anxiety

* Promotes a feeling of well-being

* Helps with the relief of mental stress

* Enhances the ability to monitor stress signals

* Enhances body awareness

* Stimulates the release of endorphins

* Enhances & promotes peace of mind

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